Keigo Tatewaki is a side character from the first Jewelpet series.


Tatewaki is a very serious guy who usually follows orders from the prime minister in order to find the Jewel Charms and not let any information leak out. However he can be unpredictable, sometimes messing up on his work or being annoyed by the Jewelpets themselves. But all of those flaws, he is very supportive to Rinko and co.


Keigo shows knowledge of martial arts in the first episode, and is capable of conducting thorough research as his position in the secret services demands. However, these skills are largely rendered obsolete by the unpredictable nature of the Jewelpets and their magic.


Keigo is secretary to the prime minister and is dispatched by the secret services to deliver the Jewel Pocketbook, entrusted to them by Raku Majo, to the person that has Ruby's Jewel Charm. He finds Rinko and is tasked with watching over her progress, as well as finding Diana and Dian so their plans can be foiled.

Keigo eventually becomes Flora's human partner.



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