Katori (香取 Katori?) is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Katori is a mosquito, as such, she looks mostly like one, except for the cartoonish detail of her almost human-like eyes. She is so small that she is almost invisible, and she bears the same appearance as all the other mosquitoes.


Since Katori doesn't speak and doesn't have an important role, it's difficult to attribute personality traits to her. It can be determined from her mails to Charotte that she is very romantic. Charotte also notes that she is bold.


Katori is a member of the Plum class. She tends to be forgotten by her classmates due to her near invisibility, so she's almost been killed by them several times as if she were any mosquito. Katori's seat is in the right-side rows.

She is in a romantic relationship with Charotte and they date every night. Charotte claims to be able to distinguish Katori from all the other mosquitoes, but this proves too hard for her.

Whether Charotte's aware of her gender is unclear, and Sapphie seems to be the only one to acknowledge it while the other characters call Katori Charotte's "boyfriend".

Katori dies of unknown causes (presumably natural) sometime during the time skip at the end.


  • Katori is notable for being one of the few characters in the franchise to die permanently, as seen in the epilogue with Charotte carrying around her funeral portrait.
  • Dubs in languages with gendered pronouns (such as Portuguese) treat Katori as male, but Sapphie's pointing out of her gender is retained.
  • None of the kanji in her name mean 'mosquito', but 'ka' can be written as 蚊, which does mean 'mosquito'. Ironically, the kanji that is used, 香, means 'incense', one of the things that almost kills her in the show.


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