Kameo is a character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Kameo resembles Mikage Shiraishi with the exception of his blonde hair and red eyes.

For clothes, he wears an orange and black noble uniform, with a black cape and shoulder pads shaped like turtle shells.

His true form is a yellow sea turtle, donning a dark green scarf and keeping his shoulder pads.



Kameo is trained in swordsmanship and can fight off several soldiers with little help. He can also use Rin's magic to power his slashes as seen in the battle against Utsuborg.


He is the central character of the Summer arc (spanning episodes 17-20). He is the prince of House Kamekora, which is at war with House Samehada, both located in the underwater kingdom of Dragon Land. Kameo loves the Samehada princess, Fukaet.

Ruby and her friends first meet an unconscious Kameo ashore of the deserted island they are stuck in. As thanks for saving him, he brings them to his kingdom, where his parents reward them with lots of food and a chance at becoming idols.

As it turns out that his parents are planning to sell the fattened Jewelpets for their meat and the idol concerts function as a showcase, Kameo revolts against them.


  • Kameo's name is an amalgam of 'kame' (Japanese for turtle) and Romeo (Shakespeare's character), and his romance with Fukaet is based on the Romeo and Juliet play.