Junko Mihara is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Junko has shoulder-length orange hair with spiky ends and topped with a cowlick. Her eyes are green and she wears glasses. She wears her school's uniform.


Junko is passionate about being a newspaper reporter, but she is also an unrepentant liar who'll stop at nothing to get her scoops. She is very business-driven and cares little about the feelings of others.


Junko is part of the Plum class and the leader (as well as one of the only two members) of the Sunshine Academy's newspaper club, Peridot being her co-worker in charge of taking pictures.

In episode 10-B, seeing that the readership of her newspaper is free-falling, she resorts to reporting scandalous and often manipulated news about her classmates. She eventually starts being persecuted for this, with Mikage, Kanon and Ruby calling her out on her behaviour. She pretends to be deeply remorseful about what she has done, only to report the next day that she was being threatened by them and she laughs in triumph.

Her newspaper makes many other appearances in the show, serving as a Greek chorus for whatever is going on.

Junko plays a fairly important role in the final arc, as before dying, she gives Kanon her notebook which reveals that Munata might have the power to stop the Dark Queen.


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