Jugemu Jugemu is a bit character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


He has slightly curly, short, brown hair and is the second tallest of the "seat-fillers".


He is one of the five background characters in the Plum class. He sits behind Nishigori. He joins the protest led by Ludwig in episode 48.


  • His full name is "Jugemujugemu Gokounosurikire Kaijarisuigyono Suigyoumatsu Fuuraimatsu Kuunerutokoronisumutokoro Paipopaipono Shūringan'no Choukyuumeino Chousuke"
    • The name is taken from a humorous Japanese rakugo folktale called Jugemu. A comedy script story about a repetitive, absurdly long name over the course of the routine.

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