Jill Konia

Jill Konia

Jill Konia is a secondary character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Jill is designed to look incredibly beautiful and sexy. She has long, wavy blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a red skirt and a red jacket opened to show off cleavage. Under her jacket is a black top, possibly sleeveless. She wears ash brown stockings and heeled shoes.


Jill is a strict and prideful teacher. She despises the Plum class because of its bad reputation. She thinks little of their teacher Iruka at the start, and can be opportunistic with him, though she becomes more impressed with his efforts as the show goes on.

Jill can be callous about her students, as shown when she light-heartedly exchanged Sango, without her consent, in order to get Sapphie in her class.


She is the homeroom teacher for the Rose class, the most successful class in Sunshine Academy. Teacher Iruka is attracted to her.


  • The name 'Jill Konia' is a pun on the mineral 'zirconia'. In the Portuguese dub, to make the mineral theme more evident, her name was changed to 'Zirconita'.