Jewelpets by Month

These are all the jewelpets listed by what month they were born in.


Capricon, Aquarius

Flora, Dian, Garnet,

Aquarius, Pisces

Amelie, Jasper, Nephrite,



Pisces, Aries

Aqua, Alex, Angela,

Aries, Taurus

Ryl, Diana, Milky, Charotte,

Taurus, Gemini

Rald, Kaiya,

Gemini, Cancer

Kohaku, Luna, Rosa

Cancer, Leo

Ruby, Sango, Kris

Leo, Virgo

Luea, Peridot, Nix, King,

Virgo, Libra

Titana, Lapis, Coal, Sapphie

Libra, Scorpio

Brownie, Opal, Tour

Scorpio, Sagittarius

Rin, Topaz, Yuku

Sagittarius, Capricorn

Labra, Larima, Chite, Tata, Granite

Birthstone Jewelpets

These are all of the Jewelpets whose birthdays match their birthstones.



Garnet is January's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Love and Beauty, Garnet is a pink Persian cat who wears a red ribbon and a pink jewel necklace. Just like her human partners, Garnet loves the color pink. Garnet demonstrates an impressive talent for fashion, always knowing what clothing is best for the wearer. Her birthday is on January 8, making her a Capricorn, and her name is based on the gemstone garnet. She has been a main character in every season except for Magical Change.



Amelie is February's birthstone, The Jewelpet of Bonds, Amelie is a grey and white Djungarian hamster who wears two green bows on her ears and a dark purple jewel necklace. Her birthday is on February 9, making her an Aquarius. Her name is based on the jewel amethyst. She was the smallest Jewelpet until Charotte's introduction.



Aqua is March's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Calm Relief, Aqua is a Clownfish who wears a chain of blue jewels on his head. His name is based on the jewel aquamarine. He's the only fish Jewelpet. His birthday is on March 26, making him an Aries.



Diana is April's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Charisma, Diana is a black munchkin cat with white paws. She wears a lace-trimmed pink waistcoat, a pink bow, and a silver heart-shaped necklace. Her birthday is on April 20. Her name is based on the gemstone diamond. She is a Taurus.



Rald is May's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Harmony and Family Love, Rald is a black and white panda who wears a dark pink waistcoat and a pink and yellow striped hat. He also wears a dark green jewel necklace. His birthday is on May 17, making him a Gemini, and his name is based on the jewel emerald. He is notable for being the largest Jewelpet.



Luna is June's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Charm Improvement, Luna is a pink and yellow Netherland dwarf rabbit who wears a blue bow and a necklace shaped like a blue crescent moon. Her birthday is on June 8, making her a Cancer. Her name is the Latin word for moon while her jewel powers come from her base jewel, moonstone.



Ruby is July's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Courage or, in later years, Luck, Ruby is the main heroine of the series. She is a white Japanese hare who wears a pink and red cherry blossom on her head, as well as a necklace shaped like a pair of red cherries. Her birthday is on July 29, making her a Leo, and her name is based on the gemstone ruby.


Peridot is August's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Dream Fulfillment, Peridot is a yellow and green Papillon dog who wears a green hairclip shaped like a butterfly and a yellow and green flower garland around her neck. Her birthday is on August 3, making her a Leo, and her name is based on the jewel peridot.



Sapphie is September's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Friendship, Sapphie is a yellow and blue Cavalier King Charles spaniel who wears a pink and blue flower tiara and a necklace shaped like a blue musical note. She is friendly, calm and understanding of everyone's feelings. Sapphie is the most studious of the main three and has a knack for inventions and experiments. She relies on science and magic in all of her studies. Her birthday is on September 1, making her a Virgo, and her name is based on the gemstone sapphire.



Opal is October's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Awakening and Miracles, Opal is a blue alicorn with a purple mane and tail and a yellow horn who wears strings of multi-colored beads on her wings. Her birthday is on October 3, making her a Libra, and her name is based on the gemstone opal.


Topaz 30
Topaz is November's birthstone. The Jewelpet of Confidence, Topaz is a grey and brown Yorkshire terrier who wears a purple jewel necklace and a light purple bow. Her birthday is on November 12, making her a Scorpio and her name is based on the jewel topaz.



Tata is December's birthstone. Another Jewelpet of Courage, Tata is a white and grey squirrel monkey who wears a dark teal tie. His birthday is on December 19, making him a Sagittarius, and his name is based on the jewel turquoise. He and Ruby are extremely similar in personality and get along well.

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