No. Title Original airdate
1 Search for Ruby! / Magical Change with a Magical Stone!
Rubī o sagase! / Mahō no ishi de majikaruchenji! (ルビーをさがせ! / 魔法の石でマジカルチェンジ!)
April 4, 2015
Search for Ruby!:
7-year-old Airi Kirara meets the Jewelpet Ruby one night before going to bed. Ruby helps her fall asleep and isn't seen again. 7 years later, there is a strange castle adorning the landscape of the human world and Larimar, Labra and Luna arrive to ask for Airi's help in finding Ruby.
Magical Change with a Magical Stone!:
Airi's childhood friend Laura Fukuoji arrives from abroad to visit. Laura asks Airi to protect a valuable stone in a museum, but she and her partner Luea are actually setting a trap to steal Airi's pendant.
2 Laura, Full of Dreams / Labra Is Going Out on an Errand-labu~
Yume-darake no rōra / Rabura, o tsukai suru rabuu ~ (夢だらけのローラ / ラブラ、おつかいするらぶぅ~)
April 11, 2015
Laura, Full of Dreams:
Laura Fukuōji is from a rich family and at first impression looks like she can have everything that she could ever want. However, her desperate pining after Airi Kirara's older brother Sakutarō Kirara causes her much grief and leads to her taking drastic measures.
Labra Is Going Out on an Errand-labu~:
The Kirara household is out of fukujinzuke for dinner and it's up to Labra to go buy it at the supermarket.
3 Magical Change Idol! / I Despise My Tail!
Aidoru ni majikaruchenji! / Shippo nante dai kirai! (アイドルにマジカルチェンジ! / しっぽなんて大キライ!)
April 18, 2015
Magical Change Idol!:
Airi and co. see an ad for the Jewel Mall Image Girl contest and think Larimar has the perfect profile for the job. To this end, she tries to achieve her Magical Change.
I Despise My Tail!:
Larimar is troubled by her large tail after being found during hide-and-seek because of it. She casts a spell for it to become smaller, but it backfires and the tail turns into a spirit called Shippo-san and develops a personality of its own instead. But living harmoniously with her tail again isn't out of the question.
4 You Don't Even Need Magic!? / What Kind of Person Is Dad?
Mahō nante iranai!? / Papa tte don'na hito? (魔法なんていらない!? / パパってどんなひと?)
April 25, 2015
You Don't Even Need Magic!?:
Sakutarō wants to prove that science is better and more useful than the Jewelpets' magic. To this end, he builds a mechanical Jewelpet.
What Kind of Person Is Dad?:
After Airi's dad calls to have her deliver something to him, the Jewelpets are left to figure out what he looks like and what kind of detective he is.
5 Melonpan Carnival / And Everyone's Gone
Meronpankānibaru / Soshite minna inakunatta (メロンパンカーニバル / そしてみんないなくなった)
May 2, 2015
Melonpan Carnival:
The Kirara household eats nothing but melonpan for several consecutive days because Airi wants to collect enough stickers to win a dish. When she sees that she's one sticker short, she goes on the hunt for the last melonpan.
And Everyone's Gone:
Labra disappears and Airi investigates. The mystery thickens as more Jewelpets seem to disappear in the same room.
6 Who's the Snack Thief? / Defeat All the Ghosts!
Oyatsu dorobō wa dare? / Obake o yattsukero! (おやつドロボーは誰? / オバケをやっつけろ!)
May 9, 2015
Who's the Snack Thief?:
Airi and the Jewelpets investigate who ate Labra's snack.
Defeat All the Ghosts!:
Laura claims there are ghosts at school and asks Airi to investigate. Airi and Ruby go without suspecting that it's another trap by Laura and Luea to get her pendant.
7 Sakutarō Adoption Plan / Garnet Has Arrived!
Sakutarō yōshika keikaku / Gānetto ga kita! (朔太郎養子化計画 / ガーネットが来た!)
May 16, 2015
Sakutarō Adoption Plan:
Laura gets the idea from Luea to adopt Sakutarō so he'll become her big brother; however, when Luea mixes up her spell and transforms Sakutaro into a toothpick, they have to stop him from getting put in a takoyaki.
Garnet Has Arrived!:
The Kirara Detective Agency gets a request from a girl called Nene to help her become a fashionable girl. Larimar summons Garnet from Jewel Land to help with this case.
8 Sweets Operation! / Sango's Sweet Shop
Suītsu dai sakusen desuwa! / Sango no suītsuyasan (スイーツ大作戦ですわ! / サンゴのスイーツ屋さん)
May 23, 2015
Sweets Operation!:
Laura hears that Sakutaro likes sweets and plans to make some to give to him. After initial efforts go awry, Luea summons Sango to help.
Sango's Sweet Shop:
Despite her plan not going well, Laura keeps her promise and rewards Sango with her very own sweets shop. However, business is going badly as Sango keeps eating her wares.
9 I'll Become a Real Dog
Watasu futsū no inu ni modoru dasu (ワタス普通の犬に戻るダス)
May 30, 2015
Airi and her Jewelpets meet King, who left Jewel Land due to being treated unfairly and became the pet dog of kind college student Sumire.
10 Petting Shop Paca~♪ / Earth's Destruction Paca~♪
Nadenade yasan paka~♪ / Chikyū metsubō paka ~♪ (なでなで屋さんパカ~♪ / 地球滅亡パカ~♪)
June 6, 2015
Petting Shop Paca~♪:
Airi and her Jewelpets meet Angela, who lets the tired Airi pet her. Seeing the stress-relieving qualities of petting Angela, Laura employs her as a petting idol famous across the world.
Earth's Destruction Paca~♪:
Labra sees through the large end of a telescope and believes the Earth is shrinking, leading to Airi and the Jewelpets panicking as they try to find a way to stop the destruction of Earth.In the end,however, the characters found out it was just a false alarm and Angela said farewell to her friends.
11 Just Do It, Kappa
Kappa ni shiyagare (カッパにしやがれ)
June 13, 2015
During a picnic, Airi and the Jewelpets meet a kappa named Miya who has been sent away by her tribe due to not being good at surprising humans. Airi and co. help her.
12 I Want a Pet-labu~ / Jewel Watch Memories
Petto o kaitai rabū~ / Omoide no jueruuocchi (ペットを飼いたいらぶぅ~ / 思い出のジュエルウォッチ)
June 20, 2015
I Want a Pet-labu~:
After seeing a woman playing with a dog in the park, Labra wants her own pet and adopts a banana.
Jewel Watch Memories:
An elderly lady named Tokiko requests that Airi find Titana, who taught her how to smile in her youth.
13 Aim! Jewel Castle / Sneak In! Jewel Castle
Mezase! Juerujō / Sen'nyū! Juerujō (めざせ!ジュエル城 / 潜入!ジュエル城)
June 27, 2015
Aim! Jewel Castle:
Ruby and co. receive a summons from Opal to come to Jewel Land. For this, they have to find a portal in the human world.
Sneak In! Jewel Castle:
Now in Jewel Land, Airi and the Jewelpets have to infiltrate the Jewel Castle when the Magical Stone is whisked away to its highest tower.
14 We Are Jewel Pads / Swim! Jewelpets!
Watashi! Juerupaddo! / Oyoge! Juerupetto! (わたし!ジュエルパッド! / およげ!ジュエルペット!)
July 4, 2015
We Are Jewel Pads:
Sakutaro develops an app which traps himself, Airi, Ruby, Labra and Larimar in their Jewel Pads. They hope that Luna will save them.
Swim! Jewelpets!:
Airi, Sakutaro, and the Jewelpets head to Laura's house so that Sakutaro can learn how to swim in her pool.
15 A Wish for A Huge Bathhouse Comes True! / This Kind of Sushi Shop Is A No!
Dekai furo nyā yume ga aru! / Kon'na sushiya wa iyadēsu! (デカイ風呂にゃあ夢がある! / こんな寿司屋はイヤデース!)
July 11, 2015
A Wish for A Huge Bathhouse Comes True!:
The bathtub at the Kirara household is broken, so Ruby casts a spell to make a bathhouse. However, it turns out that it's linked to Laura's house, and she takes the opportunity to interact with Sakutaro.
This Kind of Sushi Shop Is A No!:
Peridot, an incompetent worker in a sushi restaurant, has to prove her worth when the Fukuōji household places a big order.
16  The Island of Dr. S / The Fuerupet Is Number One!
Dokutā S no shima / Fuerupetto de nanbāwan! (ドクターSの島 / フエルペットでナンバーワン!)
July 18, 2015
The Island of Dr. S:
Laura takes Airi, Sakutaro and the Jewelpets in her yacht to enjoy the Summer. However, they suffer a shipwreck and end up in a deserted island.
The Fuerupet Is Number One!:
Sapphie clones herself with a device she invented so she'll have friends. But when each clone starts to claim she's the real one, Ruby and co. decide this has to be settled through a contest.
17 The Idol's Debut Is Fussy?! / A Star Is Born in the Jewel Café!?
Aidorudebyū wa ōsawagi!? / Juerukafe de sutā tanjō!? (アイドルデビューは大騒ぎ!? / ジュエルカフェでスター誕生!?)
July 25, 2015
The Idol's Debut Is Fussy?!:
Larimar is going to have her debut as an idol onstage, so she asks the other Jewelpets to help her train.
A Star Is Born in the Jewel Café!?:
Larimar in her human form makes her debut as an idol, but has to overcome several obstacles both before and during it.
18 Magical Stamp Rally~ / The Stamp Empire Strikes Back
Majikaru sutanpurarī / Inkan teikoku no gyakushū (マジカルスタンプラリー / インカン帝国の逆襲)
August 1, 2015
Magical Stamp Rally~:
The Jewelpets put on a stamp hunt for the humans. Ruby is out of luck since almost no one comes to her place and she gets stuck in her seal matrix form.
The Stamp Empire Strikes Back:
Ruby, still stuck in her seal matrix form, is being used by Airi to stamp documents. After a misapplied spell, the real seal matrices come to life and lament their declining usage.
19 Revenge! Ruby VS Luea / Give Me Crayons labu~!
Rebenji! Rubī VS Rūa / Kureyon o kureyon rabū~! (リベンジ!ルビーVSルーア / クレヨンをくれよンらぶぅ~!)
August 8, 2015
Revenge! Ruby VS Luea:
Luea wants to settle her score with Ruby by challenging her to a battle of magical temperature manipulation, but they have to put their differences aside when they meet a butterfly who doesn't want to leave her chrysalis.
Give Me Crayons labu~!:
Labra wants a pink crayon. She and the other Jewelpets end up turning into crayons for fun. Meanwhile, Airi is having trouble finding the joy in drawing.
20 Uninvited Sister-! / Sango's Great Midsummer Change
Oshikake shisutā! / Sango・Manatsu no daigyakuten (押しかけシスター! / サンゴ・真夏の大逆転)
August 15, 2015
Uninvited Sister-!:
With Airi bedridden due to a Summer cold, Laura offers herself as a replacement younger sister to Sakutaro.
Sango's Great Midsummer Change:
Sango tries to compete with the other stores in the Jewel Mall during Summer by selling zenzai, but production of it hasn't been going well.
21 Let Me Hear Your Voice / Ruby and Ruby
Koe o kikasete / Rubī to Rubī (声を聞かせて / ルビーとルビー)
August 22, 2015
Let Me Hear Your Voice:
In the eve of Airi's birthday, Ruby accidentaly breaks her Jewel Pod, leaving her unable to talk to her mother. Ruby and co. decide to attend an event to get the latest Jewel Pod to give it to Airi as a present.
Ruby and Ruby:
Through her new Jewel Pod, Ruby receives strange contacts, including the Rubys from all the other universes in the anime series.
22 Magical Bilingual Fluency!? / Sakutarō, Love in the Summer Festival!?
Majikaru perappera de bairingaru!? / Sakutarō, natsu matsuri no koi!? (マジカルペラッペラでバイリンガル!? / 朔太郎、夏祭りの恋!?)
August 29, 2015
Magical Bilingual Fluency!?:
Ruby's spell accidentaly turns Luna into a stereotypical Kansai resident.
Sakutarō, Love in the Summer Festival!?:
Airi, Sakutarō and the Jewelpets attend the Summer festival. Sakutarō hopes to find a beautiful woman who helped him when he got lost in the area as a child.
23 The Freeloader Who Came From the Human World
Ningenkai kara kita isōrō (人間界から来た居候)
September 5, 2015
Sakutaro builds a gate to Jewel Land using the Magical Stone, but it malfunctions, causing a spatial distortion that connects his room to Alex' house.
24 There Is No Sprout-labu~ / Seethrough Pet Fashion Show
Me ga denai rabū~ / Sukerupetto de fasshonshō (芽がでないらぶぅ~ / スケルペットでファッションショー)
September 12, 2015
There Is No Sprout-labu~:
As Autumn and the harvest season near, Labra is upset that her plant hasn't given fruit. Meanwhile, Garnet has a sprout on her head.
Seethrough Pet Fashion Show:
Larimar wants to wear one of Garnet's custom-made dresses for her newest gig as an idol, a fashion show.
25 Ruby's Rival!? Granite
Rubī no raibaru!? Guranaito (ルビーのライバル!?グラナイト)
September 19, 2015
Airi, Sakutaro, and the Jewelpets try to find a cure for Granite, who's afflicted with a poison that changes his personality to that of a compulsive womanizer.
26 Jewelbento Magical Change / Uncovered! The Secret of the Magical Fortune Telling! / Sakutarō's Magical Fairy Tale
Juerubento majikaru chenji / Abake! Majikaru uranai no himitsu! / Sakutarō no majikaru otogibanashi (ジュエル弁当マジカルチェンジ / 暴け!マジカル占いのヒミツ! / 朔太郎のマジカルおとぎ話)
September 26, 2015
Jewelbento Magical Change:
The Jewelpets transform into Airi's bento to see her school. However, Airi takes a detour to follow Laura and find out why she's upset.
Uncovered! The Secret of the Magical Fortune Telling!:
Ruby is secretly working on horoscope forecasting. Airi and the other Jewelpets investigate why.
Sakutarō's Magical Fairy Tale:
Laura watches a movie starring Sakutarō in a personalized version of Cinderella.
27 It Was the Fight of a Young Girl / It Was Too the Fight of a Young Girl
Sore wa otome no tatakaidatta / Sore mo otome no tatakaidatta (それは乙女の戦いだった / それも乙女の戦いだった)
October 3, 2015
It Was the Fight of a Young Girl:
Travelling with Sakutaro by bus, Luna has to fight the urge to fart.

It Was Too the Fight of a Young Girl:
Laura invites the Kiraras to her isolated villa to enact her newest plan to seduce Sakutaro.

28 The Story of Jewel Land's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle / Jewel Castle, Magical Training Camp from Hell!
Juerurando biri no petto ga 10 bun de mahō reberu o 40 agete juerujō o gen ni modoshita hanashi / Juerujō, jigoku no mahō gasshuku! (ジュエルランドビリのペットが10分で魔法レベルを40上げてジュエル城を元に戻した話 / ジュエル城、地獄の魔法合宿!)
October 10, 2015
The Story of Jewel Land's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle:
Opal unexpectedly visits Airi's house to investigate the Jewelpets' progress in studying magic. She forces them to undergo rigorous training for an attempt at restoring the Jewel Castle.
Jewel Castle, Magical Training Camp from Hell!:
The Jewelpets do rigorous training after failing to restore the Jewel Castle. Meanwhile, Opal, Airi and Laura speculate on a mural with a prophecy.
29 The Idol in Love
Koisuru aidoru (恋するアイドル)
October 17, 2015
Larimar in her human form meets Souya, a boy who asks her out on a date.
30 My Own Big Brother... / Ruby and Luea's Decisive Battle, Mediterranean Style
Watashi no, onīsama… / Rubī VS Rūa chichūkai-fū daisakusen (わたしの、お兄さま… / ルビーVSルーア 地中海風大決戦)
October 24, 2015
My Own Big Brother...:
Laura meets an Italian boy who claims to be her older brother. Laura still pines for Sakutaro nonetheless.
Ruby and Luea's Decisive Battle, Mediterranean Style:
Following up on the previous episode, Laura, Luea and Airi's Jewelpets go to rescue her and Sakutaro from Mario.
31 The Hunt for Jewel Land's Treasure! / Invasion of the Pumpkin People!
Juerurando no hihō o oe! / Shūrai! Kabocha ningen (ジュエルランドの秘宝を追え! / 襲来!カボチャ人間)
October 31, 2015
The Hunt for Jewel Land's Treasure!:
Airi receives a lithograph from her father by mail. Sapphie's translation reveals it to be a guide to a treasure, so she, Airi and her Jewelpets set out to find it.
Invasion of the Pumpkin People!:
The gang's celebration of Halloween is interrupted by the sudden appearance of mischievous living jack-o´-lanterns.
32 The Jewelpets Are Here! Everyone's Reunited / The Glasses Are a Part of Luna
Juerupetto dayo! Zen'in shūgō / Megane wa Runa no ichibudesu (ジュエルペットだョ!全員集合 / メガネはルナの一部です)
November 7, 2015
The Jewelpets Are Here! Everyone's Reunited:
Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie put on celebrations for the Jewelpet franchise's 7th anniversary, but realize that almost no one's attending.
The Glasses Are a Part of Luna:
Luna wishes to change her image so Sakutaro will notice her
33 Have I Become a Magical Girl!?
Mahō shōjo ni natchatta!? (魔法少女になっちゃった!?)
November 14, 2015
When Airi touches the Magical Stone and becomes a magical girl, she struggles to figure out what to wish for.
34 Au Revoir, Laura / Hello, Hollywood Dream!
Oruvowāru, rōra / Harō, yume no hariuddo dēsu! (オルヴォワール、ローラ / ハロー、夢のハリウッドでーす!)
November 21, 2015
Au Revoir, Laura:
When Laura receives a letter from her father telling her to join him in France, she struggles to concile her departure with her feelings for Sakutaro.
Hello, Hollywood Dream!:
Peridot is scouted by a famous director and panics due to the fact that she doesn't know English.
35 Can We Magical Change With the Cool Watch? / I Want a Dream for the Future labu~
Iketeruuocchi de majikaruchenji? / Shōrai no yume ga hoshī rabū~ (イケテルウォッチでマジカルチェンジ? / 将来の夢がほしいらぶぅ~)
November 28, 2015
Can We Magical Change With the Cool Watch?:
Sakutaro invents the Cool Watch, which allows the Jewelpets to Magical Change whenever they want. However, it has a fatal flaw.
I Want a Dream for the Future labu~:
Seeing that the Jewelpets have defined dreams for the future, Labra roams the city searching for her own.
36 I Hate Airi!? / Sakutarō Is Getting Married!?
Airi nante daikirai!? / Sakutarō, kekkon suru!? (あいりなんて大嫌い!? / 朔太郎、結婚する!?)
December 5, 2015
I Hate Airi!?:
Ruby and Airi get into a bad argument, leading to Ruby switching places with Luea as the former stays over at Laura's house and the latter enacts the latest plan to steal the Magical Stone.
Sakutarō Is Getting Married!?:
Mittermeyer hatches a plan to marry Sakutarō so he'll become Laura's big brother.
37 Jewel Flash of Love
Koi no juerufurasshu (恋のジュエルフラッシュ)
December 12, 2015
Larimar has to resolve her relationship with Souya as she takes the next step in her idol career.
38 Premonition of a Goodbye
Sayonara no yokan (さよならの予感)
December 19, 2015
The Jewelpets are being secretive, so Airi investigates what they might be planning. Meanwhile, the Jewel Castle is on the verge of collapsing, prompting Opal to look for a solution.
39 Until We Meet Again
Mata auhi made (また会う日まで)
December 26, 2015
As the Jewelpets decide among themselves who's to be the next Jewelina and restore the Jewel Castle, Airi, Sakutaro and Laura come to terms with their departure.

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