No. Title Original airdate
01 "I Want a Mirror Ball Deco!"

"Mirābōru ga hoshī deko!" (ミラーボールが欲しいデコッ~!)

April 7, 2012
In the small village called Jewel Town, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie got together at the Kira Kira Shop on where she works. The three discussed about their brightly decorated Jewel Pods until Labra and Angela arrives. They then later go and watch a TV show from the human world through the moon using special glasses, but then get confused as they noticed strange disturbances on the broadcast. The next day, Sapphie is about to go to class as she noticed a slideshow that fell out of the bookshelf. Curious, she showed it to the rest of her friends, explaining about the Legend of the Jewelpets and the Mirror Ball. Because of this, Ruby and her friends all go on a search for the fragments of the Mirror Ball all over Jewel Land, but they later met up with strange individuals from the human world called the KiraDeco 5. As Ruby feels confused about the visitors, what are their motives and why they did arrive in Jewel Land?
02 "Deco Friend Deco!"

"Dekofurendo deko!" (デコフレンドデコ~!)

April 14, 2012
Ruby and her friends were all confused on the sudden appearance of the 5 strange individuals from the human world called the KiraDeco 5. The Jewelpets felt curious but also weirded out on them due to their limited knowledge on Humans until the humans notices their suits were dissolving, with the Jewelpets now admiring their looks. Retsu, the team leader explained to the Jewelpets on why they arrived on Jewel Land: Unknown black clouds appeared all over the Human World, causing chaos and the only way to stop it is to use a Deco Stone. As the Jewelpets think they were lying due to their story, Angela, due to anger, sent 4 of the KiraDeco 5 to Jail using her Jewel Flash but also causing Pink to fall asleep. The next day, Pink awakens inside the Kira Kira Shop, only to find out that she is almost bigger than the shop itself. She learned more about Ruby's Job at the shop and how she was brought into the store. Meanwhile at the Police Station, Angela and Labra is interrogating Retsu and the rest of the KiraDeco 5 in Jail, somehow making things worse as they were sentenced to 678 years in prison. Ruby and Pink arrived at the police station to bail the others out but however, it won't be easy for her as they were considered criminals. Will Pink free the others out of Jail when they were considered criminals?
03 "Dark Angel Coal Deco!"

"Dāku enjeru kōru-sama deko!" (ダークエンジェルコール様デコ~!)

April 21, 2012
Coal, an evil Jewelpet associated with the evil group Decoranain, appeared in Jewel Land as his boss assigned him to his next mission to destroy the KiraDeco 5 and gather all the Deco Stones. At the Kira Kira shop, the other members of the KiraDeco 5 awakens on the strange noise inside the shop as both Ruby and Pink were doing some failed renovations inside the shop. Meanwhile, Ruby and the others summoned the other members to the bus stop as they were planning to go to the forest while on the other hand, Opal and Io met up with Coal and invited then to the organization with one ambition: to destroy Ruby. At the forest, the Jewelpets were all picking jewels growing on trees while some of the members helped them on their labor, especially Pink and Retsu on their search for the Deco Stones but Coal created a Dark Jewel Cloud from his magic and trapped the others in despair. Back to Pink and Ruby, the two were still picking Jewels until they decide to find a piece of the Mirror Ball. Coal, Opal and Io decides to follow them to the same area where Ruby tripped and find out it is actually a Deco Stone, the piece of the Mirror Ball. Could this be what Ruby and Pink were searching for?
04 "Angela is Lost Deco!"

"Maigo no enjera deko!" (迷子のエンジェラデコ~!)

April 28, 2012
Pink and Ruby notice the Deco Stone shine and a beam of light points into a strange location on where the next one is located. At the Police Station, Midori prepared breakfast for both Labra and Angela but being the worst cook, Labra wasn't satisfied and Angela is eating the burnt toast. Ruby and Pink notices the commotion in the Police Station until Retsu arrived and gave them some Takoyaki. Midori wasn't amused on his brother on this and Pink explained to Ruby that Midori is once mistaken as a girl when they were young and his Big Brother cares for him a lot back then, even today. Later on, Retsu showed the Jewelpets to their Treehouse and notice a Deco Stone is located in the horizon. Midori, Angela and Labra left the tree house as Io and Opal reports this to Coal. As they all went to the location of the stone, the trio tried their best to guide them away from the stone and one of their attempts completely separate Midori, Labra and Angela. Angela became lost and both Midori and Labra ended up inside a cave, now all lost. How will they all find each other and when will they get the next Deco Stone?
05 "Blue's Duel Deco!"

"Burū o kakete shōbu deko!" (ブルーを賭けて勝負デコ~!)

May 5, 2012
Blue Knight Ozaki is currently living with Garnet as her personal "Sheep" in her mansion. Being a "Sheep", he must do all the errands in the mansion as Garnet ordered. One day, both Ruby and Pink paid a visit to Garnet to see how Blue is doing. Inside the mansion, Blue is doing his errand by waking up Garnet on her bed, looking at her nakedly as Garnet felt embarrassed on what he did. Later on, he's checking the list of schedules and what to do as a butler. Garnet however is starting to admire him until Retsu enters her mansion and told her about to search for the next Deco Stone. Blue himself denied the offer due to his duty. Later on, Pink and Ruby went to the Shopping Mall in Jewel Town to shop for goods until they encountered Io, Opal and Coal once more. Opal is mad on how Ruby is stepping on her hoof and even decorating her wings with Mackerel. But in the midst of the commotion, Blue and Garnet appears while the girls were admiring him and Opal herself is starting to fall in love to him and challenges Garnet to a duel. Garnet however thinks Blue is his sheep, which emotionally hurts him and making Garnet sad. How will Garnet correct the mistakes she makes in front of Blue? And who will win his heart: Garnet or Opal?
06 "Slow Life Yellow Deco!"

"Surōraifuierō deko!" (スローライフイエローデコ~!)

May 12, 2012
Both Ruby and Pink visited Sapphie's library house to see how Kiichi is doing in her place and saw a lot of Jewelpets around. Sapphie is busy reading and running the place until she notices the two. At the forest, Kiichi is listening to the sounds of the forest and relaxes as it reminds him of his birthplace. Retsu met up with him and told him that he should not lounge around and look for the Deco Stones instead. Kiichi wanders around as Retsu followed until they saw trees with food in it, Retsu is shocked on what is seeing. Back at Sapphie's place, she was greeted by Kiichi carrying food with him. The two experimented with the food and ended up in failure, as Kiichi told her to learn cooking instead. However, Sapphie is bad at cooking and it she even didn't like it, but surprisingly, Kiichi ate her bad cooking. The next day, as Ruby introduced Pink and Midori to the rest of the Jewelpets, Coal himself showed up and became their teacher, shocking Opal. He then used his magic to trap everyone inside the tent as they try to get out but with no avail and they were forced to show of something Deco to Coal. Sapphie and Kiichi woke up late as they were going to the academy by bus and later found out the others were in trouble. Back at the tent, Pink and the others were getting scolded by Coal on what they're showing, Sapphie and Kiichi needs to get to the tent in time to save them. Will they ever save the others from Coal this time around?
07 "The Mysterious Monster Deco!"

"Nazo no monsutā deko!" (謎のモンスターデコ~!)

May 19, 2012
Retsu has once finished his tough training, determined to get another Deco Stone. He then sees something shining in the mountains and thinks it is another Deco Stone as he decides to investigate it, but he returns scared. The Jewelpets in town knew that there was a strange monster terrorizing the mountains. Pink and Ruby noticed the crowd and went to Retsu. She then asked her what happened to him as Retsu passed out of fright as all he said is Deco Stone. Pink and Ruby were getting concerned as more attacks happened to the rest of Pink's friends all over Jewel Town while Sapphie is thinking what caused this. Meanwhile, Coal is reporting in on the Decoranian about his failures on getting the Deco Stones before Opal and Io came in and told him about the reports on the mysterious monster attacks as he came up with a plan. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, everyone decided to go to the forest to find about the monster, but they then decided to watch the moon for a special report. Pink is shocked on how the Human World is almost being covered up in darkness and threatened everyone on Earth. Having no choice, she and Ruby ventured into the forest to see if the monster exist and get another Deco Stone. But as Coal took them into the forest, things are about to get worse. What is this strange monster lurking in the forest, and will they get another Deco Stone in time?
08 "The Adventurous Peridot Deco!"

"Bōken yarō peridotto deko!" (冒険野郎ペリドットデコ~!)

May 26, 2012
Peridot, an adventitious and active Jewelpet is going to Jewel Town for a visit. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, both Ruby and Pink are enjoying their food as they look on the Deco Stones they collected until they heard the sound of the plane. They both up and saw Peridot arriving at their shop and greeting Ruby and Pink. Peridot was amazed to see a human being up close as she invites the two to an adventure. However, as Ruby showed Pink the lucky jewel in her bathroom, the Deco Stones starts to shines and shows them the location the next stone, in surprise, is in Ruby's paws all along but only a fragment. Peridot agreed that they should search for the lost fragments of the Deco Stone as Pink and Ruby went with her using the Deco Bus. Opal and Io also noticed about the flying Deco Bus as they go follow them. As they arrived as the said Location, the trio searches for the Deco Stone in the whole place but there's no clue where. Peridot then decipher what's written on the statue and says that the door to the temple through passion. As they did shout out their passionate thoughts, the door to the temple opened and sucked Pink, Ruby and Peridot in, arriving inside the temple. Will the three find the remaining fragments of the Deco Stone inside the temple?
09 "Twice the Fun!? Deco!"

"Tanoshisa tsu-bai! ? deko" (楽しさ2倍!?デコ~!)

June 2, 2012
Ruby and Pink just recently woke up as they were greeted by Kiichi, who brought them their breakfast and left. Back at Sapphie's house, Sapphie showed to Kiichi about an interesting item called the Rainbow Egg, which contains an interesting species of bird that exist on Jewel Land. But as the egg doubles in size with Sapphie's magic and cracked open, it revealed its chick which looked like Kiichi himself and named him Kiichiro. The duo were also amazed on how good Kiichiro behaves that they introduced him to Pink and Ruby and then later on prepared food for Pink's friends. However the food that Kiichiro himself prepared made everyone gain a lot of weight and the only way to get back to shape is to be active. But when Kiichiro became sick, how will they save him and also became active?

Meanwhile, Opal and Io informed to Coal about what happened last time regarding the Deco Stones and decides to plan a counterattack against Pink and the others.

10 "Coal's Counterattack Deco!"

"Gyakushū no kōru" (逆襲のコールデコ~!)

June 9, 2012
Pink and her friends again attended another lesson in the academy until they saw Coal behaving strangely. Her friends noticed the cloud above him that was causing his gloomy attitude and Ruby tries to blow it away with her magic, but failed. Coal then goes berserk and starts to destroy the place, but Ruby and her friends tried to calm him down to a couple of places to suit his interests. Again, they all failed as Coal's black cloud didn't go away, but it did lifted up his spirits. However due to these events, Decoranian wasn't satisfied on his change of attitude and scolded Coal on his failures. The Leader decided to power up his Jewel Pod so he can cause more havoc as Coal agrees to plan a counterattack against Pink and her friends. As Pink's group meet Coal and learned more about Decoranian, Coal unleashed his magic and created black clouds to destroy Pink and her friend's relationship with each other. What is Decoranian's true intentions on the Deco Stones and will the gang ever defeat Coal this time?
11 "Pink has no clothes Deco!"

"Pinku no fuku ga nai deko!" (ピンクの服がないデコ~!)

June 16, 2012
Summer has come to Jewel Town and Pink is admiring the weather as she tends the Kira Kira Shop. Ruby appears, being a T-shirt as Pink decides to go to the mall and shop for new clothes. As they both went into the Mall in Jewel Town, Ruby noticed a strange photo of Pink during her childhood as Pink takes it from her. She then showed Pink to a specialty fashion store as they were greeted by Kris and Ruby lets pink in the changing rooms to put on her new clothing for a while. Coarumi (Coal in disguise) enters the shop and buy some black Lingerie while eying on the White Rabbit's actions. As Coarumi left, Pink came out of the room with the dress being too small. Kris suggested that they should go to Topaz so they can make the clothing Pink wanted. Pink and ruby left the shop, but Pink tripped and fell into mud puddle, ruining her clothes. Back at the shop, Pink is all naked and her clothes were being dried in the sun. Ruby herself went to Topaz's shop and consulted to her about Pink's clothing problem but she said no. But after Ruby convinced her, Topaz said that the only way for her to create Pink's new clothing is to get a certain item. Will Ruby get the said item for Topaz to make Pink's clothing?
12 "Sheriff Jasper Deco!"

"Sherifu jasupā deko!" (保安官ジャスパーデコ~!)

June 23, 2012
Jasper, a Cheetah Jewelpet arrived at Jewel Town last night after his long journey. The next morning, Pink and Ruby were about to have pudding when suddenly it disappeared. Also, mysterious disappearance cases were happening all over Jewel Town. At the Police Station, Midori is practicing himself as he tries to get stronger and wants to defeat Retsu. Labra and Angela then came and ask him if he can slice the watermelon until Ruby appeared and told them about the disappearing items. Even both Labra and Angela doesn't know about it until the thief stole the watermelon. As the situation gets worse in the town square, the Jewelpets saw the one who's responsible for stealing their items: Tata. Midori himself challenged the Jewelpet to a fight, but failed as Tata's speed overwhelmed him. As Tata is about to deliver the final blow, Jasper then appeared and blocked his attack, saving Midori. He then goes and fight Tata and successfully catches him, while Midori is amazed on his moves. Later at the police station, Midori admired on how good Jasper's moves were back then when Tata escaped from prison and again caused havoc. Midori tries to stop him but Tata throws the watermelon onto him when Jasper blocks it, injuring him. Later that night, Jasper is being nursed back to health thanks to Coarumi while Midori not around. As everyone is asleep, Jasper left the police station and go the forests, where he saw Midori angry on what happened. With Tata still on the loose, how will Jasper and Midori catch the rogue Jewelpet?
13 "Stolen!? Deco Stone Deco!"

"Nusuma reta!? Dekosutōn deko!" (盗まれた!?デコストーンデコ~!)

June 30, 2012
The KiraDeco 5 and the Jewelpets got a special meeting at Retsu's place as he explained that they should search for another Deco Stone. As the group were now aware on their locations, Retsu also remembered that Ruby is the Deco Stone Master if she collected all the Deco Stones and restore the Mirror Ball back to normal. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, business as usual as Ruby sold a lot of stuff as everyone watches her determination. As Ruby counts how many decos she earned, Coarumi arrives at the shop and talked to Ruby about the Deco Stones, unknowingly that she had her eyes on them. In the midst of Ruby's excitement, the Deco Stones starts to shine and Coarumi is now planning something big. That night, Coarumi unmasked herself and revealed himself as Coal as he then stole all the Deco Stones until he notices that they're gone. He then interrogates Ruby on where they are but the two didn't have a clue. The next morning, the whole shop is being investigated and they found out that the Deco Stones disappeared on their own, following something as the group followed the trail and ended up in the shopping mall. However, the mall has been overgrown with a lot of plants, making their trials a lot harder. Could the Deco Stones leading them to something big to Pink and her friends?
14 "Ruby and Opal are Stuck Deco!"

"Rubī to opāru ga pittanko deko!" (ルビーとオパールがぴったんこデコ~!)

July 7, 2012
Opal is in the Jewel Town Mall and still remembers the humiliation she got from Ruby that time she first met her. She then encountered Io and informed her about the Miss Jewel Town contest that will be held soon. Opal herself will use this chance to get her fame back. On the other hand, Ruby and Pink were also informed about the contest by Sapphie and both decided to join despite Pink's utter shyness. Ruby herself is rehearsing for her act in the contest holding some sort of glue on her paw until Opal and Io came. The Rabbit Jewelpet accidentally tripped and crashed into Opal, the next thing they knew is they're stuck together. Everyone tried to separate them together with no avail, even with magic until Sapphie told them to endure each other and settle their differences so she can develop an antidote. Opal agrees sadly and she showed Ruby to her home. While stuck, Opal starts to endure Ruby's behavior in a sad and hilarious way, even making her more embarrassed to the public. Now how will the two Jewelpets get out of this sticky situation?
15 "Crawling on the Deserted Island Deco!"

"Mujintō de hau hau deko!" (無人島ではうはうデコ~!)

July 14, 2012
Ruby and the others were enjoying a nice walk one day and crossed the bridge until it cracked and Ruby fell. The other Jewelpets go and help her, but in an unexpected turn of events, all 5 of them fall to the raging rivers below and into an unknown island far from Jewel Town. The 5 tried to contact the humans through their Jewel Pods, but with no avail due to the signal is out of reach. Back at Jewel Town, Pink and the others were waiting for Ruby and the others to come back, not knowing that Ruby and the others were missing. Back at the island, the Jewelpets were enjoying themselves. Sapphie is taking pictures of the plant life on the island until she saw something that shocked her and went back to the others. She told them that someone is also in this island and devoured the survivors, and if Ruby and her friends can't do something, they will end up like the bones Sapphie saw. With no one around, the Jewelpets must do anything to survive in the island and at the same time endure each other's sanity.
16 "Heartbeat Senior Deco!"

"Tokimeki senpai deko!" (トキメキセンパイデコ~!)

July 21, 2012
Io has some problems with his feelings, concerning about Opal and Coal. As both Jewelpets appeared, the two questioned him about who likes him the most until Coal got angry and devised a new plan that can turn Jewel Town upside down. At the Kira Kira Shop, love is in the air as Ruby and her friends look at the two lovebirds while talking discussing about Romance. As they saw the lovebirds argue, this again gave Pink bad memories of her childhood and notices Pink's behavior on decorating everything in anger. Back at Coal's place, Coal enjoying his coffee as he left the place after he smelled something strange. Pink on the other hand is remembering herself of her bad days in the Human World about her failed attempts to friends with the guy of her dreams due to her size a Coal spies on her and casts a dark cloud onto Pink and puts her into a trance. In her dream, she finds herself back at the human world and seen that she is now an adult. She then again met the man of her dreams and they both talk and spend time to each other. Morning came and Ruby questioned about Pink's dirty feet as she has no idea on what happened yesterday and Ruby and her friends are getting suspicious on what's happening to her each night. Unknown to them, Pink is in a continuous dream trance, being manipulated by Coal's magic to make her steal the Deco Stones. Will Ruby and her friends do something to break the trance and wake her back into reality? Or will she'll be stuck forever on Coal's dream trance and be his slave?
17 "I love Teacher Coarumi Deco!"

"Korumi sensei daisuki deko!" (コル美先生大好きデコ~!)

July 28, 2012
After the failure of Coal's last mission to get the Deco Stones, he himself is getting punished by the Decoranian once again. The mysterious leader of the group gives him another chance to get the remaining Deco Stones as Coal resumes his disguised form, Coarumi to actually trick the Jewelpets on trusting him. Back at Jewel Town, Io is leading Opal into the classroom once again for another class session as Ruby arrives. Ruby and her friends notices Io's strange admiration over Opal until Coarumi enters the classroom and greeted her students. As everyone admires her, Io is starting to have feelings for her. Later on, the class is having a big soccer practice match as hilarity ensures, and Io still admiring on the busty Jewelpet, not knowing it was Coal all along. As the practice match begins with Ruby's Team against Opal's, both thew Jewelpets and the humans did their best to score, but Io himself is getting distracted by Coarumi's action, resulting to get hit by the ball and fell unconscious. Io then woke up in the infirmary after the strange dream as he is greeted by Ruby, Pink and Opal. Embarrassed and also hurt, Coarumi came and started treating his wounds, not knowing that Io is having a lot of feelings to her, thought this makes Opal really jealous as later on break off with Io. How will this turn out in the end and resolve the love triangle?
18 "Sweetspet Sakuran Deco!"

"Suwītsupetto sakuran-chan deko!" (スウィーツペット・さくらんちゃんデコ~!)

August 4, 2012
Sakuran, a Sweetspet from the island nation of Sweetsland is coming to Jewel Town for a visit with one problem, her whole body is as hard as a rock, making her problems even worse on her visit for the Tanabata Festival. Back at Jewel Town, Ruby and Pink were selling stuff for the festival on their stand. As Sakuran arrives at Jewel Town, she then started to look for Ruby's place to stay in until she encountered Ruby and Pink. As Pink and Ruby feel hungry, they then wants to eat the said Sweetspet and attracted the attention of everyone in town. She gave them her own mochi but they can't eat it due to how hard it is, and almost broke their teeth. Sakuran explained to then about her situation and everyone decides to help soften her up. Kiichi's plan first is to soften her through a hot pot method, but failed. The next attempt is at a beauty shop where Blue Knight decides to give her a massage, thought it was a success on making her fluffy again, it also failed as she goes back to her rocky state. They then consulted Retsu, but that didn't help her situation either. Ruby then used her magic to Sakuran to soften her up once more, but failed as it backfired and turned Sakuran's body into a more Glass-like state. With no options left, everyone were stuck in a really tight situation as Sakuran endured her rocky state. How will the Jewelpets bring her fluffiness back?
19 "Grand Sweetspet Gathering Deco!"

"Suwītsupetto dai shūgō deko!" (スウィーツペット大集合デコ~!)

August 11, 2012
The festival in Jewel Town is in full bloom as Sweetspets are busy hosting the event. Everyone in the festival are enjoying themselves to the full, even Coal and his lackeys. At the fireworks display, Pink hosted the climax scene of the festival so Sakuran can offer her sweets to the stars. However, it didn't go well as the crowd expected and Ruby's friends were getting confused on what is going on. The other Sweetspets decided to give their offerings to the stars, but the results are still negative. Even Coal got into it and failed. But the worst thing of all is the Sweetspets ended up hopeless after the offering rite of the festival, with everyone now needs to know what is going on with the stars above. Because of this, Pink and Ruby decided to offer their sweets to the stars instead, thought the stars like it due to the taste. After liking the offering of both Pink and Ruby, Sapphie herself found out the problem of the stars rejecting the Sweetspets's offerings, a toothache. Now how will Pink's group even resolve this situation before the festival ends?
20 "Call Me Princess Deco!"

"Ojōsama to oyobi deko!" (お嬢様とお呼びデコ~!)

August 18, 2012
Coal went to the forest one night during a storm and cast a dark cloud into a mysterious being, controlling it for a very special task. At Garnet's house, Garnet is relaxing herself in the tub until Blue Knight brought her some bubble bath as the cat Jewelpet got embarrassed and shut off the curtains. Later on, Ruby and Pink arrived at Garnet's home as the duo greeted them for a special dinner. As Blue showcased his skills, both Pink and the Jewelpets were amazed on how much he improved. After the dinner, Garnet is showing a lot of admiration towards Blue, thought it didn't go well as he went to Ruby. But when the lightning destroyed part of the Chandelier's foundation, Blue acted fast and shielded his friends using a table cloth as it crashed into the table. Blue explained to them that Garnet's life is being targeted by someone who wants her dead as he passed the letter to Pink and reads it. Ruby and Pink then agreed to stay at Garnet's house to protect the feline Jewelpet from harm. As they received another letter from the killer, they all went to another safe spot, however, the killer knows where they were hiding and plans its moves in advance. What is the killer's motive on wanting Garnet deader than a mouse?
21 "Sorry I can't say it Deco!"

"Gomen'nasai ga ienakute deko!" (ごめんなさいが言えなくてデコ~!)

August 25, 2012
Ruby showed to Pink something, a picture of her when she was young, making Pink embarrassed as she scolded Ruby badly. The two get into a serious argue and then grabbed Ruby's Jewel Pod, pulled out the deco she put in it and throw it away somewhere before she runs away. Ruby was mad too on how Pink reacted. Meanwhile, King, a French Bulldog Jewelpet has finally arrived in Jewel Town, until he hides in the bushes when Angela and Labra were passing through. King read the pamphlet the two were spreading and saw he was mentioned. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, Ruby discusses her problems about Pink with Garnet and Sapphie, with the three of them feeling sorry on whatever happened to her in the past. Angela and Labra came and delivered more pamphlets, shocking and embarrassing Ruby as she was on the headlines about her wetting her bed. Opal and Io then decided to put the pamphlet online to further blackmail the white rabbit, on her dismay. Then Ruby remembered something similar on how Pink reacted to the picture she put up in the shop. As she is searching for Pink's deco, she encountered King and remembered that he was in the pamphlets and the two have a talk. Meanwhile, Pink encountered Retsu as she was dragged along to search for the Deco Stones and takes her to his home later on, only finding out it wasn't maintained as it should be. Back at the shop, Ruby tries to make a bargain as she trades away all of her deco, along with her decorations to her Jewel Pod to King. King then got his eyes on then Deco Stones as she traded one for the crystal arm. Pink, later on, decides to stay at Sapphie's place as Ruby calls them out. Pink and Ruby had a talk but didn't ended well. Will Ruby ever gain Pink's trust back, at the cost of their Deco Stones?
22 "The Storm called the Deco Deco!"

"Arashi o yobu deko deko!" (嵐を呼ぶデコデコ~!)

September 1, 2012
Both the Jewelpets and the KiraDeco 5 again encounter Coal's dark clouds as they all attack the group, protecting another Deco Stone that they obtained. The group fights back the dark clouds as they all protect the stone but however, in an unfortunate event, Coal kissed the Deco Stone, got angry and caused a tornado, blowing and scattering everyone in Jewel Land. Everyone were all safe and trying to find their way back, but for Ruby, she is fortunate when she is paired with Retsu and decides to find the others. As they both move on and started their search, they both saw the tornado done by the Deco Stone, even worse, its about to wreak havoc in Jewel Town. Meanwhile, the others were still trying to endure each other while finding a way to regroup. Labra on the other hand, is having a bad luck streak on wanting to eat and find her way back; fortunately, she luckily encountered Blue and Angela. Back to Retsu and Ruby, both of them were still finding a way to stop the tornado for reaching Jewel Town, with Retsu influencing Ruby to be more hotblooded. In this unfortunate event, how will they all stop the tornado from reaching Jewel Town?
23 "Popularity Triumphs Deco!"

"Motemote gekokujō deko!" (モテモテ下克上デコ~!)

September 8, 2012
Charlotte, a Honey Bee Jewelpet and a known Honey Hunter has come to Jewel Land where she is found by Midori. She started to fall in love to the human boy, knowing she found her honey of love. Next thing at the School Tent, Corubi is discussing something important to her students, about finding love. Charlotte flew in and hugged Midori in the face, to his surprise that she still has a big crush on him. Ruby and Sapphie greeted her and Charlotte keeps on flirting with Midori. Meanwhile, Retsu is still searching for the rest of the Deco Stones on a cliff until he calls his younger brother, annoying Midori even more than ever while he recalls his sad days back on Earth on how Retsu is better than him. After class, Pink and her friends were now talking about love letters and falling in love with someone thought this makes Pink angry. Midori was greeted again by Charlotte and he diverse a plan to make his brother jealous. Retsu then called Midori and annoyed him again, with Charlotte starting to admire Midori and worst of all—his big brother. The next day, Midori and Charlotte were having their time together beside the lake and tasting one of Charlotte's honey. She then showed him a special honey called the Centipule Honey that can make any girl fall in love to him. He tasted the honey and Charlotte won his heart and claiming his as her Boyfriend. Even worse, his time with Charlotte is making two certain Jewelpets—jealous and hungry.
24 "As I dance Deco!"

"Budōkai ni tsuretette deko!" (舞踏会につれてってデコ~!)

September 15, 2012
Opal is reading a story about a dance between a princess and the prince, which is based a special event happening in Jewel Land several eras ago. Pink, also wondered about that day and the dance and every girl are preparing for the dance. The next day, the preparations for the dance is going smoothly in Garnet's mansion and Blue Knight is making sure everything is well decorated. The two then received a letter from Coal and said he's gonna steal the Deco Stones tonight. Coal, after sending the letter, is determined that tonight will be his chance to get all the Deco Stones to be sent to Decoranian. For Garnet, they must make sure that the Deco Stones are guarded safely during the dance and make sure Coal doesn't steal them as Angela, Labra and Jasper were assigned to guard the place. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, Ruby and Pink were getting ready for the dance until Ruby said that the dance needs a partner or in this case, a boyfriend, making Pink freak out. That night, everyone were in Mansion as the annual dance begins. Everyone in the dance were enjoying themselves during the dance, especially Ruby and Pink while the Police were keeping an eye on Coal. Coal and his lackeys started to infiltrate the mansion, only to find out it is heavily protected. Sapphie and Kiichi reported to Jasper that everything is ok from the inside. In the midst of the event, Opal takes matters into her own hooves and decides to sneak into the mansion to get the Deco Stones, but in the midst of the dance, she starts to fall in love to Jasper. Will she succeed on stealing the Deco Stones or will her love to Jasper could result to her failure to do so?
25 "Sparkle-Sparkle at the Saury Village Deco!"

"Sanma mura de gingiragin deko!" (サンマ村でギンギラギンデコ~!)

September 22, 2012
Coal and his lackeys were in the forest during the late afternoon in search for another Deco Stone, as well as his lost Jewel Pod. The gang found Coal's Jewel Pod but Opal tripped on a rock and ended up piercing Coal's butt with her horn, on her disappointment as Coal kicked the rock away. But after they left, the rock fell onto some fountain and awakened something big inside. The next day, Ruby, Pink, Sapphie and Kiichi were going fishing in the lake to catch some Saury, and Ruby is impatient seeing she wanted to catch a Sparkling Saury for fer collection. In an unexpected event, the group encountered a huge school of Saury, all sparking and coming down the river much to their surprise. They all catch the Saury and eat them afterwards but something's wrong as Sapphie pointed at the strange light, on where the Saury Village is located. Knowing it is a Deco Stone, the gang decided to go to the village to investigate. As they all arrive, the Saury they caught finally talked and greeted the group. Shinobu, the pink Saury explained on why they can talk and walk due to the village being protected by the deity Sanmalion. Shinobu then called the other Saury and praising Ruby for her admiration to the Saury as they all give the group a warm welcome while the Elder of the village appeared. The group asked them about the Deco Stones, with Pink getting some assumptions that the sparking scales and the Deco Stones were connected as the Elder allowed them to take a look around the village. But during the tour, the group saw the fish oil from all the Saury leaking out like crazy. Could the strange phenomenon of the Saury be connected to the Deco Stone that's located in the village?
26 "A Big Discovery While Hiking Deco!"

"Haikingu de daihakken deko!" (ハイキングで大発見デコ〜!)

September 29, 2012
27 "Giant Space War Deco!"

"Jaianto uchū taisen deko!" (ジャイアント宇宙大戦デコ~!)

October 6, 2012
28 "Princess Kaguya Luna Deco!"

"Kaguya no Runa Hime deko!" (かぐやのルナ姫デコ~!)

October 13, 2012
29 "And Then There Were Gone Deco!"

"Soshite daremoinakunatta deko!" (そして誰もいなくなったデコ~!)

October 20, 2012
30 "Hot Guy Paradise Village Deco!"

"Ikemen paradaisu-mura deko!" (イケメン・パラダイス村デコ~!)

October 27, 2012
31 "Special Technique! Tornado Whirlwind Kick Deco!"

"Hissatsu de chiyu! Torunēdo senpū ashi deko!" (必殺でちゅ! トルネード旋風脚デコ〜!)

November 3, 2012
32 "Jewel of Fate Deco!"

"Unmei no jueru deko!" (運命のジュエルデコ~!)

November 10, 2012
33 "I'm not Falling in Love Deco!"

"Ore ni horecha ikenai ze deko!" (俺に惚れちゃいけないぜデコ~!)

November 17, 2012
34 "The Colors of Love Tournament Deco!"

"Koi no karafuru tōnamento deko!" (恋のカラフル・トーナメントデコ~!)

November 24, 2012
35 "Angela and the Jewel Duel Deco!"

"Enjera to jueru shiyou ze deko!" (エンジェラとジュエルしようぜデコ~!)

December 1, 2012
36 "Kita Kita (゚∀゚) - Rinko's Prince!?"

"kitakita (゚∀゚) rinkono oujisama !?" (キタキタ(゚∀゚)りんこの王子様!?)

December 6, 2009
37 "Ufu Ufu ♡ - New Three-Person Daughter Popularity Zoom"

"ufuufu ♡ shinzou nin musume ninkikyuujoushou" (うふうふ♡新三人娘人気急上昇)

December 13, 2009
38 "Merry Merry ☆ - Santa Comes to Town"

"merimeri ☆ santa ga machi niyattekita" (メリメリ☆サンタが街にやってきた)

December 20, 2009
39 "Babu Babu! A Jewelpet is Born"

"babubabu ! juerupetto tanjou" (バブバブ!ジュエルペット誕生)

December 27, 2009
40 "Uki Uki!? Happy First Dream of The New Year Hurly-Burly"

"ukiuki !? happi^ hatsuyume oosoudou" (ウキウキ!?ハッピー初夢大騒動)

January 3, 2010
41 "Mero Mero ♡ - Prince who Rid on the White Horse"

"meromero ♡ hakuba ni joutta oujisama" (メロメロ♡白馬に乗った王子様)

January 10, 2010
42 "Buru buru! School Ghost Story"

"buruburu ! gakkou no kaidan" (ブルブル!学校の怪談)

January 17, 2010
43 "Oro Oro! Witches' Trials"

"orooro ! majo tachino shiren" (オロオロ!魔女たちの試練)

January 24, 2010
44 "Hara Hara! Is The Day of the Human Race End Today?"

"harahara ! kyou ga jinrui saigo no nichi ?" (ハラハラ!今日が人類最後の日?)

January 31, 2010
45 "Iya Iya! All have Become Kings"

"iyaiya ! minna kingu ninacchatta" (イヤイヤ!みんなキングになっちゃった)

February 7, 2010
46 "Love Love!? Valentine Magic"

"raburabu !? barentainmajikku" (ラブラブ!?バレンタインマジック)

February 14, 2010
47 "Age Age! Operation Proposal"

"ageage ! puropoozu daisakusen" (アゲアゲ!プロポーズ大作戦)

February 21, 2010
48 "Uru Uru (;Д;) - Wedding of Sadness"

"uruuru (;Д;) kanashimi no kekkonshiki" (ウルウル(;Д;)悲しみの結婚式)

March 7, 2010
49 "Biri Biri! Dian VS The Four Witches"

"biribiri ! deian VS yonin no majo" (ビリビリ!ディアンVS四人の魔女)

March 14, 2010
50 "Fure Fure! Even if Away, Our Mind is the Same"

"furefure ! hanare teitemo kokoroha issho" (フレフレ!離れていても心は一緒)

March 21, 2010
51 "Bui Bui V(^∇^)V - They Come Back V"

"buibui V (^∇^) V kaette kita aitsu ra" (ブイブイV(^∇^)V帰ってきたアイツら)

March 22, 2010
52 "Kiss Kiss ♡ - Jewelpet are Friends"

"kisukisu ♡ juerupetto ha tomodachi" (キスキス♡ジュエルペットは友達)

March 28, 2010

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