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Jewelpet: Cute Magical Fantasy (ジュエルペット かわいい魔法のファンタジー Juerupetto Kawaī Mahō no Fantajī?) is the first Jewelpet video game for the Nintendo DS. It was developed and published by MTO and released exclusively in Japan in April 30, 2009.

Jewelpet: Cute Magical Fantasy is a rhythm video game. The player assumes the role of various Jewelpet characters as they dance to magical music.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


  • Tutorial 1 (Moldavite)
  • The magic classroom (Garnet)
  • Four-leaves park (Prase)
  • The magic kitchen (Sapphie)
  • Tutorial 2 (Sulfur)
  • Idol dancing (Diana)
  • Everybody's forest (Rin)
  • Starry hill (Ruby)
  • Haunted house (Chite)
  • Snow is falling (King)

(Note: If playing as the respective Jewelpet in their stage, another Jewelpet will swap his/her place, such as Chite in "The magic classroom" and Diana in "Starry hill".)