A Jewel Watch is a magical item from the universe of Jewelpet Magical Change.

All Jewelpets wear one. The watches are often used in conjunction with their magic spellcasting abilities. It is also used in conjunction with Magical Stone to turn the Jewelpets into humans.

The watches have the same design, but are colored to match their correspondent Jewelpet.

Cool Watch

The Cool Watch is an attempt at an enhanced version of the Jewel Watch created by Sakutaro in episode 35-A. It allowed the Jewelpets to transform whenever they wanted, without the need for an emotional peak or the Magical Stone to activate it. However, it had a severe fault; the Jewelpets in their human forms would eventually have their bodies become flat and two-dimensional. After Luea removed the Cool Watches with the combined power of hers, Ruby's, Labra's, Larimar's and Luna's Jewel Watches and restored them back to normal, Sakutaro decided to discontinue the Cool Watch.


A toy based on the Jewel Watch was released in April 30, 2015. The design is based on a smart watch, consisting of a single-colored wrist belt and side plating. The watch also touch screen, to access or interact with features on the watch. The watch contains a digital clock that displays the time and the date. Background is also be customiziable.

There is also a mode where the user can explore a Japan-like map. There are also several minigames the user can play, such as riding a minecart, catching falling apples, and feeding a plate Ruby, and puzzle games.

Each Jewel Watch unit are priced around ¥6,500.[1]



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