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The Jewel Stick ((ジュエルステッキ Jueru Sutīkku?) is a magical item from the universe of Jewelpet (anime).


The magic wand is a legendary weapon of Jewel Land that comes out only once every 1000 years when the Jewel Pocketbook and its dark counterpart are combined together. It was once used by a legendary magician to restore a Jewel Land torn by war. Because of its supreme power, it would be disastrous if it fell into the hands of the wrong person.

It first appears in episode 26, choosing Rinko as its new user. Rinko uses it to summon the legendary Jewelpet Opal and save everyone from a volcanic eruption. Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie also acquire smaller versions of the Jewel Stick, with different colored ribbons to distinguish which Jewel Stick belongs to who.

When Rinko is using the Jewel Stick, she recites the words "Kirapi Karin" to cast magic and "Puri Puri Puririn Prism! Open, Jewel Heart Evolution!" to awaken a Jewelpet from their Jewel Charm state. Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie can also use the Jewel Stick to cast magic or summon a Jewelpet from Jewel Land by saying "Puri Puru Puro Puru Puri Foni, (Jewelpet's name), Jewel Return!", but this can only be done if Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie act together. Three forms of the Jewel Stick exist: Rinko's, which is the default form; the mini versions wielded by Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie; and Dian's dark version.