This is about a location from Jewelpet Magical Change. For the earlier term, see Jewel Castle.
Jewel Palace From Fukuouji Manor

The fallen Jewel Palace from the viewpoint of the Fukuouji Manor.

The Jewel Palace is a location in the Jewelpet Magical Change universe.

The palace is a royal-looking castle home where the Jewelpets often gather around. It resided high above Jewel Land, its homeworld, until the castle ended up falling into the Human World and separates the Jewelpets from their world. The Jewelpets scatter to train their magical powers so that they can save their home. To the humans, it served as an unimportant landmark.


Long ago, the palace was an ordinary landmark high in the cloudy world of Jewel Land. All Jewelpets make their home in this royal magical castle.

One day, Jewel Land begun to lose its magical power. Jewel Palace fell from the cloud sky and broke through the barrier between Jewel Land and the Human World. It fell from the clouds and crashed down into a human town from out a distance away.

The humans in the town weren't surprised when the palace came crashing down. They later tried investigating the palace, but all attempts to enter or interact with the palace were hopeless. The humans decided to give up and accept the palace as an everyday object where they paid no attention to it at all.

To restore Jewel Land's magic, the Jewelpets were sent away into training so that they can grow their magic powers and restore the palace's magic power. <NEEDS EXPANSION>

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