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Jewelpet Alphabet and Numbers

The language of Jewel Land is based on Earth's Roman alphabet. The language is most prominent in Jewelpet Twinkle☆, as it's the only series to designate spells (as such, it is also the only series where the language is heard), but it can be seen anywhere in the franchise, in written documents. The alphabet also appear at ending of every episodes of Lady Jewelpet presenting Jewelpet.


1. Jewelpet magic rings

2. Jewelpet Portal

3. School blackboard

4. Sapphie's paper

5. Strawberry Cafe and the Jewelpet Acadamy

6. Akari's laptop

7. Jewel Pod (Appears to use the Japanese system instead of the Roman numerals, as seen with REA, which is believed to actually be Lenore)

8. Sara's book

9. Moldavite's registration paper


  • Linguistic specifics such as grammar remain unknown.
  • The numbers are based on the Roman numeral system.

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