Jewel land

Jewel Land as it appears in Jewelpet Twinkle☆.

Jewel Land (ジュエルランド Jueru Rando) is the homeworld of the Jewelpets and the great magicians. It is also a magical place where all Jewelpets study magic and be friends with their fellow humans and magicians. The whole place is entirely made of jewels and stardust filled with colored trees, magical gemstone bushes and crystals. The whole geography is composed to two islands: the main island and the uninhabited smaller one. Magic and Alchemy is the main education in Jewel Land.


Depending on the series, the notable places in Jewel Land are the Magic Academy, where all Jewelpets attend Magic Classes to study magic and alchemy, the Strawberry Café, a famous spot where Jewelpets get together for some special occasions, the Sunshine Academy, where both Jewelpets and Humans study as well as the dormitory for them to stay with and the Jewel Tower, in which the Four Great Witches of Jewel Land and Jewelina live. Another interesting location in Jewel Land is its Orbital Rings, which are composed of several jewels. In the Orbital Ring lies the forbidden weapon, the Battest. It was sealed in the Orbital Rings due to the powerful Dark Magic it contains and almost destroyed Jewel Land. Another place in Jewel Land called Jewel Town is also located since Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!, where all Jewelpets live peacefully in the course of the series.There is also a school called Jewel Academy, which is mentioned in Jewelpet Happiness. There is also a Jewel Palace and Royal Palace which appeared in Lady Jewelpet. Jewel Palace is used for training Petite Ladies, while Royal Palace is for training Princes.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, Jewel Land consists of a vast, colorful cloudland. Its only known location is the Jewel Palace, which floats high above the clouds in the stratosphere. The world is also parallel to the Human World, separated by a concealing magic that hides Jewel Land and Jewel Palace entirely. When Jewel Land started to lose its magic, Jewel Palace fell through the clouds and broke into the Human World, but still under the spell of its concealing magic.