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The Jewel Games (ジュエルゲーム) is a forgotten tradition of the Jewelpets that started in ancient Jewel Land, on which magic is not yet known. There are two teams available and each team needs to bet on a certain Jewelpet, then a battle is done according to the rules. The winner can obtain the betted on one from the losers side. The Jewel Games were banned in Jewel Land after the Ancient Age, so only Diana and Dian know how the rules and mechanics were done, though they made a few modifications:

  • The teams must bet on one Jewelpet or human who will compete.
  • The players must select a Battle Card. The battle card the player picked is how the battle will be done. For example, in episode 37, the Jewel Game battle is done is some sort of group dance idol performance, on which the most number of audience wins.
  • Magic is allowed to be used in the battle.

The Jewel Games were decided by the Judge, and he decides who wins or loses.