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Jewel Flash is a common incantation word mostly associated with Jewelpets.

Whenever Jewelpets would cast magic by inciting their magic words, they would mostly follow it up by saying "Jewel Flash!" in the end of their invocation.


There are different spells in every anime seasons that include "Jewel Flash":

  • Jewelpet: "Puru Puru Prism Jewerhythm! (Jewelpet's jewel name) Jewel Flash!"
  • Jewelpet Twinkle☆: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Magical Charm, Winkle, Winkle, Jewel Flash!"
    • Rather than a magic spell for Jewelpets themselves, this is used alongside with their human partners to activate the magical powers while it also changes the caster's costume in the process to increase its magical potential.
  • Jewelpet Sunshine: "Sunshine! Sparkle! (Jewelpet's name)'s (each Jewelpet varies) jewel! Miracle Charm! Jewel Flash!"
  • Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!: "(Jewelpet's name) Kira Deco! (each Jewelpet varies) Jewel Flash!"
  • Jewelpet Happiness: "Happy Happiness! (Jewelpet's name) Jewel Flash!"
  • Jewelpet Magical Change: "Jewel Flash!"
    • This is only used when a Jewelpet becomes a human, and the magic power is much greater than him/her in Jewelpet form.



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