The Human World (人間界 Ningenkai?) the world where all Human Beings (Rare Rare) live. The Human World is actually to this present day, Earth and is unaware of the existence of both Jewel Land and Sweetsland. In each series however, only a few humans know of the existence of both worlds and also both the Jewelpets and the Sweetspets.

The "Rare Rare" Term

In Jewelpet Twinkle☆, Rare Rare (レアレア Rea rea?) is a Jewel-Landian's term for anything human-related, and everyone in Jewel Land referrer to the humans in this word and terms, especially the high class magicians of the Magic Academy. The name Rare Rare Drops comes from this term. Everyone in Jewel Land calls it the Rare Rare World.

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