Hinata Asaka (浅香 ひなた Asaka Hinata?) is a major character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


She is a shy, timid and nice person who's understanding of her class, especially Ruby. After becoming Peridot's roommate, she starts to come out of her shell and becomes more confident in herself.

Hinata loves to wear T-shirts with "I (heart) X" slogans on them.


Hinata comes from the human world to study in Sunshine Academy. She is part of the Plum class. Before the start of the series, she had been Ruby's roommate, but with the roommate shuffle at the start of the year, she became Peridot's.

Hinata had ideas of becoming a pre-school teacher, but, as shown in the epilogue, opted to follow her father's footsteps by becoming a fire fighter instead.


  • Ironically, Hinata's personality makes her seem much more like a typical human Jewelpet protagonist than Kanon Mizushiro. Appropriately, she was Ruby's roommate before the series started.
  • Hinata shares the same voice actress as Angela and Lady Diana.
    • Hinata's voice actress, Aki Toyosaki, is known for being the voice of Yui Hirasawa from "K-ON!" and Medaka Kurokami from "Medaka Box".


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