Happy New Year Is Part of Being a Lady is episode 39 of Lady Jewelpet. It first aired on December 27, 2014.


Momona visits the Jewel Palace for New Year's Eve. She and her friends revisit some memories by looking at the photos in their Jewel Pads.


At the Jewel Palace, Mizuki and Charon are cleaning up the place in preparation for the New Year festivities. They talk about how Momona is doing at the Royal Palace and think that she's probably finding it all overwhelming. Garnet shows up with a message from Ruby, who frantically says that something terrible has happened. This worries everyone. Mizuki and Charon start thinking that Momona might be being mistreated at the Royal Palace.

Momona arrives at the Jewel Palace to visit her friends. She is baffled when Mizuki and Charon cry, hug her and try to confort her. She doesn't understand what they're talking about. Mizuki and Charon tell her about the message Ruby sent. Ruby embarrassedly starts to scoot away. Momona turns to her angrily and asks her what king of message did she send. It turns out the terrible thing that happened was simply Momona forgetting about her Jewel Pad's battery charger.


  • The episode aired outside its regular schedule due to a baseball game that went overtime.

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