Gumimin (グミミン Gumimin?), or Paku-kun (パクくん?), is the main character of Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess. He is a male Fennec fox Sweetspet made of Gummy Candy.


Gumimin is colored yellow and his ears are colored a gradient of orange and yellow, his tail is colored a gradient of green and limeish-yellow and are both made of Gummy Candy. He has red eyes and wears a bracelet on his left foot along with a reddish-orange collar.


Known also as the Legendary Sweetspet, Gumimin falls from the sky by a cannon launched by Chocola, Mako and Kako. Everybody from the palace of Sweets Land call him "Paku-kun". But a character from the film descovered Gumimin can turn into monster if he eats a giant piece of caramel chocolate from the Candy Tower that was demolishing because Mako accidently hit one piece of the tower.

The Duke tells Chocola to launch a jelly egg into the palace but a few seconds later the jelly egg was revealed to be Gumimin. After he ate his own jelly shell he tried to eat the birthday cake of Princess Mana so Sakuran, Ruby and the others had to make a new one but it was a failed plan. Gumimin ate the sponge cake that was supposed to be the new cake for the Princess. 7 hours at night, Gumimin was looking at the Candy Tower that located near the Sweets Land Cliff and he wakes up at 4:00 am (Sweets Land time). But Ruby mentioned the dance of the ending theme song of Jewelpet Kira Deco! until the sunrise at 6:00 am.

When they arrived at the Candy Tower. The Macaron Quadruplets (Mako, Roko, Kako and Koron) were watching Ruby and her friends, Mako was about to throw a lollipop at them, but Koron blocks the way and then Mako accidentally hits a piece of the wall that was made in chocolate. But before the chocolate fell on them, Gumimin attacks the chocolate and eats it. Suddenly, Gumimin turned into a monster and started eating the top of tower, the only way to remove him from there is Labra's cry. Labra cried so loud that Gumimin falls to Ruby and everyone started to roll down to the residential section of Sweets Land.


  • Gumimin's temporary name Paku-kun is a pun of the work Paku, the Japanese term for chewing/eating.


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