Granite (グラナイト Guranaito?) is a white lion Jewelpet who represents Security and the 38th debuting character in the franchise, first appearing in the final episode of Jewelpet Sunshine as the Jewelpet form of Mikage Shiraishi. He has minor roles in the later series and currently serves as Ruby's love interest, taking over after Tour.


Granite is a pure white lion with a gray mane and blue ear details. His Jewel Eyes are made of navy blue granite and he wears a blue jewel necklace.

Charm Form


Granite's charm is egg-like, with a flat base and a small, cylinder-like protuberance on top. The bottom is decorated with light blue flares surrounded by beads of the same color; the base appears to be darker blue. On the center is a golden circle, within which is a blue star. Around the top and the golden ring are wavy light blue ornaments.

Human Form (Magical Change)

Granite's human form has white skin, silver hair, and blue eyes. He wears a teal buttoned waistcoat with a dark blue trimmed collarline and a light blue ascot on his neck. He wears a white shirt under his waistcoat and dark blue formal pants.


As he is Mikage Shiraishi in Jewelpet Sunshine, he has the same personality as him in that season.

In Jewelpet Kira Deco, he has the same hyperactive personality as his girlfriend Ruby.



Jewelpet Sunshine

Granite has his debut in episode 52. He is the Jewelpet form that Mikage Shiraishi takes, with the the help of Jewelina, in order to be with Ruby.

Jewelpet Kira Deco!

Granite appears in Opal's birthday party as Ruby's date. He lives in a town near Jewel Town.

Jewelpet Happiness

Granite appears in the middle of the Red Moon crisis as a space traveller who's crash-landed near Jewel Academy.

Lady Jewelpet

Granite appears in episode 40 as a fortune-teller that Lillian and Miura go to on their date. In the middle of foretelling their past, present and future, Granite discovers anomalies in Lillian that hint at her true nature. He informs only Miura of this, and warns him that a disaster will soon befall her. His prediction comes to pass in episode 43.

Jewelpet Magical Change

Granite appears in episode 25, afflicted by an illness that turns his mild-mannered personality into that of an obnoxious womanizer after getting cut by a poisonous plant. Airi and the Jewelpets go search for a flower, an ingredient for the cure. When Ruby endangers herself by falling off the cliff, Granite achieves his human form and saves her.

Sadly, his illness seems to relapse in Episode 32.


Human Form



  • Granite's jewel motif is the granite, a type of igneous rock.
  • Granite is the first Jewelpet to be identified as a reincarnation of another character. However, later anime releases disregarded this in order to maintain his pure Jewelpet status.
  • Granite is the second of Ruby's love interests, the first being Tour.
  • In Magical Change, Granite along with King are the only two male Jewelpets to get a human form.


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