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Waniyama is a lesser character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Waniyama is an anthropomorphic, bipedal crocodile. He is green in color. His usual clothes are the male Sunshine Academy uniform. He doesn't wear shoes. He is short and has a stocky build.


Waniyama is a delinquent, as such, he has an aggressive personality, but has deep respect for his leader, Shouko. While he prides himself on his manliness, he has a feminine side as well, and likes to put on make-up in secret.


Waniyama is part of the Plum class and part of the deliquents led by Shouko. He is shown to harbour a crush on Ruby, but she finds him loathsome because he tries to eat her while expressing it.

It was revealed that he used to lead his own gang (called the Theoretical Dragon Gang), a couple of years before the show's events. He and his subordinates butted heads with Shouko and Charotte frequently, but the two eventually defeated him, Charotte having stung him in such a way (implied to have been in a testicle) that lead to him developing a feminine personality. Soon after, he met and fell in love with Ruby, disbanded his gang and joined Shouko's.