Fukaet is a character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Fukaet is a beautiful girl with long, purple hair and light blue eyes. She wears a blue and white dress and a fin-like ornament over her left ear.



A character from the Summer arc (episodes 17-20), Fukaet is the young lady of Dragon Land's House Samehada and Kameo's love interest. Aqua is her partner and protector.

She first appears to Kanon, Komachi, Kaede and Titana in the Kamekora dungeons.

Utsuborg tries to force her to marry him to obtain House Samehada's power, but this plan is foiled by Kameo, Ruby and the rest of the Plum class. At the end of the battle against the evil scientist, Fukaet marries Kameo, turning them into their true forms (shark and turtle, respectively) and uniting their houses, bringing peace to Dragon Land.

When Kanon, Iruka and Titana travel to Dragon Land to seek help in the war against Dark Jewelina, Aqua and Rin tell them that Fukaet and Kameo have had a child and left the kingdom to protect it from the Dark Magic.


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