Flora (フローラ Furōra?) is a female sheep Jewelpet who represents Future Prediction.


Flora has yellow wool with a white face and white ears, she also has green Jewel Eyes of fluorite. She wears a green ribbon with a bell attached. In the anime, her eyes seem to be half-lidded.

Charm Form

Flora's Jewelcharm

Flora's Jewel Charm is yellow and box-shaped with a green bow containing small pink gems on the top. There are pink musical notes lining the charm with a bell in the middle of it.


Flora is gentle and meek and sometimes like to sleep. However, she can be very scary when she gets angry.


In Jewelpet Kira Deco, she can manipulate her wool to fly and attack.



Flora is the Jewelpet partner of Keigo Tatewaki, who was afraid about the secret of the Jewelpets being let out, at the bus her Jewel Charm appears to him and Rinko and Ruby awaken her.

Jewelpet Twinkle

Flora is the object of a competition of the Jewel Star Grand Prix, in which Akari and Marianne must catch her and pat her. This is not as easy as it seems, as Flora is an expert magic user.
Flora's Jewelcharm

Jewelpet Sunshine

The Plum class goes to a farm for a school trip. There, Angela meets Flora and they become friends, but makes Labra feel like she had been forgotten.

Jewelpet Kira Deco!

In Episode 11, Topaz sends Ruby to collect Flora's famed wool as condition for making clothes for Pink. Flora puts up a fight, as she dislikes having her wool taken, but in the end she lets Ruby take some of it.

Jewelpet Happiness

Flora brings a dairy cart to the Jewelpet Cafe and meets Taira who helps her with her cart and she falls in love with him, but he is too embarrassed to have people look at him whenever he's with a Jewelpet so he acts mean towards her. Taira feels guilty about his treatment of her and apologizes, and they form a Magic Gem.

Lady Jewelpet

In Luea's flashbacks to her time with Lady Diana, Flora was one of the Mentors she talked to the most.






  • Flora's jewel motif is fluorite (also called fluorspar), the mineral form of calcium fluoride.
  • Flora has the same voice actor as Cony from LINE OFFLINE and LINE TOWN.
  • In the anime series, Flora is mostly seen with droopy eyes.