Fealina is the deceased mother of both Yuuma and Alma, as well as one of the powerful magicians in Jewel Land. She


made a wish to Jewelina to let her go to the Rarerare world and meet a man who has a strong power to live. Jewelina sent her to the human world and met Yuuma and Alma's father in Alaska, and they got married. However, because a powerful magician's life force wears away in the Rarerare world until said magician becomes dust, Fealina wanted to give up her magic to live in the Rarerare world and care for Alma and Yuuma. Believing the Battest had a spell to take away one's magical power, she undid the seal on Battest—however, seeing the result, she sealed the Battest again, falling into her eternal sleep. After she left, Jewelina separated the twins, Alma and Yuuma, to make sure that the Battest won't be unlocked. Fealina's Jewelpet partners were both Opal and Angela (As revealed in Episode 36 after Alma got her Jewel Charm in a cave) and her relation to Jewelina is still unknown so far. Fealina would later be brought to life again thanks to Akari. As of now, she currently lives in the Rarerare world with both Yuuma and Alma.


Fealina has a long purple hair and violet eyes. She wears a violet and white gown with a purple diamond on the chest.


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