Ennosuke Nishigori is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Nishigori is a large gorilla with brown skin and dark brown fur. He wears red- and square-framed glasses. His clothes are the male Sunshine Academy uniform, white with blue lining. He doesn't wear shoes.


Nishigori is very responsible and studious, but also impatient and easy to anger. As he is constantly stressed and often one-track-minded, many times he has trouble looking at the bigger picture as class representative, forcing his second-in-command Opal to pick up his slack.


Nishigori is part of the Plum class and its class president. Opal is his second-in-command.

Embarrassed at the Plum class' poor academic performance, he tries to teach them himself, only to repeatedly fail as he can't keep up with his classmates' antics. Teacher Iruka comes in and takes the class to plant a tree, and Nishigori learns from this that there are many ways to teach besides the conventional methods.


  • 'En' (猿) means 'monkey'. The kanji used for 'gori' doesn't mean 'gorilla', but is still a pun.


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