Lady Elena (レディーエレナ Redī erena?) is a female Lady Jewelpet character who studied in the Royal Palace along with Cayenne, Momona, Lillian, Miura, and Romeo. She first appeared in episode 30 of Lady Jewelpet. Momona was jealous of her at first, but soon accepted her as her rival.


Elena's Jewelpet mentor is Rosa and was chosen because of how she defended others from bullies and encouraged them to stand up for themselves. She is quite kind with all the other ladies and the princes. Lady Elena seems to be able to think under pressure as well as having a strong sense of justice, but she has trouble accepting the help of others. In episode 37 of Lady Jewelpet, in midst of Momona's first Royal Palace exam, she tells the truth about Lady Diana and Luea which is why Luea felt bitter to Momona. Elena and Romeo are very close, and eventually became a couple.

In episode 48 she was possessed by a Beast and almost took the Final Wand. She was seen with Lillian, Charon, and Mizuki when Momona was going to marry Cayenne. She was one of the candidates for Lady Jewel, but in the end Lillian became the new Lady Jewel. Instead, Lady Elena became the educator of the Petit Ladies, succeeding Lady Lecter.



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