The Dragon Headmaster (ドラゴン校長 Doragon kōchō?) is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


He is a large red Western dragon. He has a pink mane, similar to a horse's, along the length of his spine. He has bat-like wings. He has four horns; two large ones, similar to an antelope's, and two smaller outer ones. The horns are yellow in color. He also has spiky fins jutting out of his cheeks.


As the name indicates, this character is the headmaster of Sunshine Academy. Most of the time, he's seen sleeping atop the school building, and only occasionally interacts with other characters, though he's active whenever there's an important school event.

He is possessed by the Dark Queen in the final arc, and is defeated by Hinata.

In episode 50, Munata reveals that he was one of the Wise Ones.


  • His real name, if he has one, is unknown.


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