Claire (クレア Kurea?) is a supporting character from the Lady Jewelpet series. She is a former Lady Jewel Candidate and currently queen of Jewel Land, who inherit the name Lady Jewel.


Claire is described as being spellbinding and amazingly beautiful. She has very long blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a light purple and white frilly dress and a veil. She has a dark purple collar around her neck with an emerald heart connected to it, emerald earrings, and a crown. There is a string or a chain with a small emerald on it connected to the crown, which hangs over her forehead.


Claire is very kind and gentle, and also expresses a great amount of elegance. She is exceptionally lady-like and is good at teaching the Petit Ladies to become a wonderful lady just like her.


Claire is the current Lady Jewel, who greeted Momona and the other Petit Ladies when they first arrived in Jewel Land. She creates tasks for the Petit Ladies as well as giving them words of advice and encouragement, and they all look up to her. After the first episode, she appears when Lady Recter, her messenger, pushes a Magic Letterpen to a note from her.



Notes and Trivia


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