Chiari Tsukikage (月影ちあり Tsukikage Chiari?) is the main heroine of Jewelpet Happiness. She is the human partner of Ruby and a member of the Jewelpet Café.


Chiari is a Third Year Junior High School student who attends class at the prestigious Jewel Academy. She first met Ruby at the Jewel Academy when she is opening the Jewelpet Cafe just near the academy and her luck became better, also helping her out in managing it. Ruruka and Nene are her best friends in class and also her roommates. She serves as the cafe's waitress, donning a magical waitress costume.


Chiari is a positive thinker and a straightforward yet bright girl. She also has a serious case of bad luck, which sometimes becomes good when in certain conditions.


Chiari has short, chocolate brown hair, which is a bit uneven. She has brown eyes and is on the short side.


Other Appearances

In episode 21b of Jewelpet Magical Change, Chiari makes a cameo appearance in one of Ruby's recorded videos, along with the previous human protagonists of the entire anime series.


  • In the Portuguese dub, Chiari's name was pronounced as "Kiari".

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