Charon (かろん Karon?) is a major character in Lady Jewelpet.


Charon has long, mocha brown hair that is usually placed into two braids held by two star clips. Casually, she is seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a loose white overshirt. She wears a brown and ochre skirt with thigh high black socks. Lastly, she wears brown boots. Unlike the other characters, Charon's hair changes when she's in her lady form. Her hair is let loose and wavy, and is still held back by her star clips. She always has on her red rectangular glasses.


Charon is shy and has low self-esteem. Yet Charon is very kind to others, especially towards those who she calls her friends. She loves books, and reads a lot. She is also very oblivious. She loves Levin, but gets annoyed by his love for her.


Charon is a Petit Lady and resides in the Jewel Palace. She is the human partner of Sapphie.


  • Charon is the only main character to change hairstyles in her Lady form.
  • Her name from dwarf planet Pluto's largest moon Charon.


Official artwork

Anime screenshots

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