The Chairman (座長 Zachō?) is a one-shot character from Jewelpet Magical Change.


He is a beautiful man, presumably a young adult, with a slender build. His effeminate good looks allow him to easily pass for a woman. He has wispy, short blue hair and purple eyes. While dressed as a woman, he puts on a wig of long, straight, blue hair.


He's kind, polite and soft-spoken, though he also has a playful and seductive streak as he teases Airi and Sakutaro about his double identity.


This nameless character is the chairman and star of the theater troupe that performs during the Summer festival in episode 22-B.

He dresses up as a woman for his performances. A young Sakutaro met him when he got lost at the festival many years ago, and was helped by him. But since he was dressed up, Sakutaro thought he was a woman and has had a crush on him since. Because of this, Sakutaro attended every festival in hopes of seeing him again.

Sakutaro discovers his true identity at the end of the episode. Though he's initially shocked, he expresses his wish to see him perform again.