Blue Knight Ozaki is a major character from Jewelpet Kira Deco! and a member of the KiraDeco 5. He's Garnet's partner. 


Blue Knight was born in Kobe, in the Hyougo prefecture of the Kansai region. He is a 9th grader during the year when the show takes place.

Since his birth, Blue Knight has had a talent for attracting women because of his good looks and chivalrous personality. Because of this, he could become a very popular singer. However, his place in the spotlight gave him a feeling of emptiness and he decided against it.

That changed when Professor Decorisky noticed him and proposed to him that he join the team she was building. Since his joining, Retsu has always considered him his rival, although Blue Knight doesn't care about this. He adopted the codename Blue Knight Blue.

To fight the Eternal Darkness enveloping the human world, the KiraDeco 5 come to Jewel Land to obtain the Deco Stones which might save it. After being arrested by Labra and Angela, Garnet bails him out and he becomes her new butler in return, and she fired the sheep that first had Blue's position.


Blue Knight is always striving to please women, no matter their age or what they look like. He has a very knightly and prince-like personality, refusing to hit even evil women. As a trade-off, he doesn't care at all about men, even his KiraDeco 5 colleagues.

Outside of that context, for example in his role as a KiraDeco5 member, Blue Knight is quiet, calm and observant.