I love Blue!

Blue's Duel Deco! (Burū o kakete shōbu deko! ブルーを賭けて勝負デコ~!?) is the 5th episode of Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!.


Blue Knight Ozaki is currently living with Garnet as her personal "Sheep" in her mansion. Being a "Sheep", he must do all the errands in the mansion as Garnet ordered. One day, both Ruby and Pink paid a visit to Garnet to see how Blue is doing. Inside the mansion, Blue is doing his errand by waking up Garnet on her bed, looking at her nakedly as Garnet felt embarrassed on what he did. Later on, he's checking the list of schedules and what to do as a butler. Garnet however is starting to admire him until Retsu enters her mansion and told her about to search for the next Deco Stone. Blue himself denied the offer due to his duty. Later on, Pink and Ruby went to the Shopping Mall in Jewel Town to shop for goods until they encountered Io, Opal and Coal once more. Opal is mad on how Ruby is stepping on her hoof and even decorating her wings with Mackerel. But in the midst of the commotion, Blue and Garnet appears while the girls were admiring him and Opal herself is starting to fall in love to him and challenges Garnet to a duel. Garnet however thinks Blue is his sheep, which emotionally hurts him and making Garnet sad. How will Garnet correct the mistakes she makes in front of Blue? And who will win his heart: Garnet or Opal?



ジュエルペット きら☆デコッ! 05 「ブルーを賭けて勝負デコ~!」24:40

ジュエルペット きら☆デコッ! 05 「ブルーを賭けて勝負デコ~!」

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