Angela (エンジェラ Enjera?) is a female alpaca Jewelpet who represents Solace and the 35th overall debuting Jewelpet in the franchise.


Angela is an alpaca with pink wool, a white face and white hooves. Her Jewel Eyes are made of blue anhydrites. She wears two daisy garlands around her ears and a pearl necklace with a blue jewel attached that has a white flower-shaped outline and angel wings jutting out of it.

Charm form

Angela's charm
Angela's Jewel Charm has an oval shape, mostly pink, and greyish blue at the bottom. It has light blue and orange flower-shaped decorations at its top, and wing-shaped decorations at the bottom. The center has an anhydrite surrounded by pink petals.


Angela is gentle, lazy and easy-going. She does not say much, but when she does, she always adds the word "Paca" at the end of what she says. She gets along well with children, usually being the one who looks after Labra and Rosa, and they look up to her in return. Although it's difficult to enrage her, she is very violent when she is truly angry.


As the Jewelpet of Solace, Angela's magic can help others feel comfort whenever they're feeling distressed or gloomy.

In Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!, Angela can use spinning attacks which channel the element of fire. She can team up with Retsu to augment their potency.


In Jewelpet Twinkle☆, her debut season, she was one of Fealina's partners. She died with her to seal the Battest before the events of the series but is revived in the final episode along with her human partner.

In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is in the Plum class and roommates with Labra. She is one of the current generation's Wise Ones.

In Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!, she is a police officer with Labra. They both live with Midori at their police station. Angela also has a bad relationship with Retsu, who happens to be her partner because she thinks of him as a pest who doesn't listen to anyone.

In Jewelpet Happiness, she joins Ruby on her quest to manage the Jewelpet Café and collect Magic Gems. She forms one with Takumi Asano. In episode 7, Angela tries to make friends with Takumi, but he ignores her, so Ruruka helps her out. Later on, Angela was able to get along with Takumi due to a common interest: petting Angela; which helped him earn a Magic Gem. In episode 27, Angela forms her own Magic Gem.

In Lady Jewelpet, she works around the Jewel Palace doing various jobs. Though a minor character, she's one of the more frequently appearing Jewelpets outside of the Petit Ladies' mentors.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, she often lets people pet her to help them feel better. Unlike other Jewelpets, she can transform into a motorcycle instead of a human.


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Angela Kira Deco

Angela Kira Deco

Angela's Jewelflash in Kira Deco.


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    Angela's jewel motif is the anhydrite, known also as angelite. It is an anhydrous calcium sulfate, CaSO4. It is in the orthorhombic crystal system, with three directions of perfect cleavage parallel to the three planes of symmetry.
  • Angela means "Angel". It is derived from the Greek word "ángelos" (αγγελος), meaning "messenger of God".
    • The wings on her necklace may be indicative of this meaning.
  • The reason Angela is a Magical Green Jewelpet despite having blue eyes is that blue and green are considered interchangeable colors in Japan.
  • She is the only Jewelpet in Magical Change to get a vehicle form instead of a human form.
  • In the episode of her first appearance, only in that, Sanrio initially chose to get her to say "alpaca" at the end of each sentence, then for a change, Angela just says "paca".
  • Angela usually appears with Labra, being a mentor and friend to her.