Alex (アレク Areku?) is a male Scottish Fold Jewelpet who represents Possibility.


Alex is a lemon yellow Scottish Fold cat with drooping ears. His ears, stripe, and tail are colored light brown and his paws, belly, and muzzle are colored white. His Jewel Eyes are made of alexandrites. Alex wears a brown collar with a spade-shaped red jewel and a pair of glasses. In his old design, his eyes seem to be half-lidded.

When corrupted by Dian in the first series, his glasses become black in color with two triangles on each side.

Charm Form

Alek's charm

Alex's Charm is yellow and oval-shaped. It contains a red spade in the center, with a white and red decor and an open book at the very top.


In the first series, Alex is shown to be smart and caring for most people. He can also be very helpful and supportive to his friends.


As the Jewelpet of Possibility, he has the power of changing fate and the probabilities of something happening.



Alex is one of the Jewel Eight. In episode 44, Dian forces him to use his power to direct an asteroid into a crash course towards Earth. To avert this catastrophe, Rinko and the others have to play a Jewel Game of kick-the-can against Dian's team. Rinko's team won, and Alex is recovered in the end, along with Brownie.

Jewelpet Twinkle☆

He has minor appearances in episodes 20 and 32, alongside Nix and Brownie, where he's crushing on Sapphie, Garnet, and Prase and he, Nix, and Brownie try to win each female's heart one at a time, moving onto the next girl at the first sign of rejection.

Jewelpet Sunshine

In this series, he and Brownie are King's subordinates. He works for him in his mob-like fruit-selling organization as an accountant.

Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!

He appears alongside Brownie in the background of episode 47, looking at a TV store. He also appears in episode 24 as one of the dance candidates for Pink.

Jewelpet Happiness

In episode 44, he isolates himself in the woods to study the best way to yield a Magic Gem. Nobara drags him out so he'll make one with Marie, but in the end, it's with Nobara that he makes one.



  • Alex's jewel motif is the alexandrite, a variant of the jewel chrysoberyl.
    • His secondary motif is a red spade.
  • Alex and Brownie appear together frequently in nearly every season.
  • Alex is the first Jewelpet who has a pair of glasses as a consistent part of his design throughout the whole series. The second being Luna, as of Jewelpet Magical Change.