Albiana (アルビアーナ Arubiāna?) (also known as the Old Witch of the Western Cave (西の洞窟のオババ?)) is a hermit and a powerful witch living in the western part of Jewel Land. First appearing in Episode 7, she is a grouchy old witch who hates trespassers and troublemakers. It is rumored that she can change someone into a toad, bat, spider or worm when they trespass into her home in the Western Cave. She owns a powerful magic book which she lends to Akari so she can get the One Thousand and One Night Flowers and a pet chimera named Ryuku. Albiana also has a deep connection with the Fountain Dragon and knows the Battest and the consequences when it's unsealed—consequences that could lead to Jewel Land's destruction. In the events of episode 37, she is revealed to be the mentor of Fealina who taught her magic and is still sad about her death after sealing the Battest, the reason she took on her ugly form. She gave Akari her staff to convince Alma to stop her from unsealing the forbidden item; however, Akari and Yuma fail to do so. Albiana can transform into her true form to increase her magical power, which is seen in episode 38. In her true form, she wears exactly the same clothes; however, she has blonde hair and blue eyes.